Hyalfila with Lidocaine Plus 1x1ml
Hyalfila with Lidocaine...

Hyalfila with Lidocaine...


Long lasting filler



Hyalfila with Lidocaine Plus 1x1ml is for fine lines and has many characteristics; it has consistent injecting pressures for Doctors and an affordable dermal filler.


- CE certificated

- Biphasic

- Developed by CHA hospital, one of the biggest hospital chains in Korea

- Non-animal based hyaluronic acid

- Long-lasting

- High elasticity

- High hydrophilicity

- Cross-linked with BDDE

- 3 types: Petit(Fine wrinkles), Normal(General wrinkles), and Grand(Deep wrinkles)

- Petit Plus, Normal Plus, and Grand Plus with lidocaine


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