Aliaxin SR Shape Restore 2x1ml
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Aliaxin SR Shape...

Aliaxin SR Shape...


Aliaxin® SR, “Shape & Restore”, is a dermal filler ideal for dermal remodelling. Use Aliaxin® SR for facial reshaping and replenishing facial fullness with natural and well-defined countours.



Aliaxin SR Shape Restore 2x1ml, Ideal for dermal remodelling. Replenishing facial fullness, with natural and well defined contour. Increase skin tone, firmness and elasticity.

What is in the box Aliaxin SR Shape Restore 2x1ml?

Aliaxin SR Shape Restore 2x1ml, The characteristics of the hyaluronic acid gel in this formulation define its use in treatments whose primary aesthetic objective is to recover the harmonious balance of the face. It is therefore ideal for dermal remodeling, where the key words are profile, contour and symmetry.
Its fluidity allows homogeneous diffusion in the tissue, for a therapeutic approach for extended areas of the face. The aesthetic results derive from the gel’s synergic action, counteracting skin laxity, with its ability to stimulate and activate the bio restructuring processes and production of new collagen. Thus making the results more stable and long lasting. The presence of natural hyaluronic acid also strengthens the regenerative effect, through a prolonged increase in deep hydration, making the skin look even more natural and smooth.



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